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Women's Circle

Gatherings near the New & Full Moons

Women's Circle

Gatherings near the New Moon

Circle is an individual journey within, taken in community. In our new and full moon gatherings we dig deeper within ourselves, to discover things we didn’t quite know yet. In undertaking this process together, we see ourselves witnessed and reflected in the women around us, creating a safe place to be vulnerable. 

Whether you are feeling the deepest lows or you are flying high with elation, you will be supported by this warm and loving community of women. 

In Circle you will find a deeper connection with others, and with yourself. 

Each month, I will teach you practices that help you connect to your heart, your higher self, your intuition, and your own inner wisdom.



At each gathering:

 I will guide you through practices that will get you in your body, calm your nervous system, help clear stuck energies, and sometimes unearth self-limiting beliefs so that they can be shifted. 

We talk about the energies in the Cosmos and why you may be feeling certain things. The theme for each Circle is inspired by the energy of the current position of the moon, and sometimes about what is going on in the world. By tuning into these themes we are reminded of the ways that we are connected, and have an opportunity to deeply feel that connection.



Together, we create a sacred container to connect to ourselves and one another, to breathe, meditate, journal, move, discuss, and chant. 

With every New Moon, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate and set new

seeds of intention. 

In every Circle you will be guided and supported to get into your heart, learn to

listen to your inner voice, ask questions, discover something new, maybe have an Aha moment, and experience the power of community.

I began Circle in early 2017 as an in-person offering. One thing Covid has taught me is that sacred spaces can exist virtually. I have guided and been guided during this time, and while it is different, it still has the possibility of being powerful and profound. 

Victory Blossoms II.jpg

To get the most out of our time together: 

  • I recommend that you come substance-free. My hope is that we grow and evolve through the work we do together, and it is important to be as clear and present as possible.

  • Do your best to find a quiet space where you won't be distracted. 

  • You may want to be in your pajamas, and you may feel the desire to get dressed up. Either way, make sure you are comfortable in dress and in your set up. 

  • Please bring a candle, something to light it with, a bottle of essential oil, water or tea, anything that helps you create a sacred space, be it a crystal or an entire altar. 

  • Make sure you have a journal, a pen you love to write with, and a spare piece of paper for your intentions or anything else you may want to release. 

  • If you have Oracle cards that you like to use, you may bring those as well. 


In order to make Circle as accessible as possible, I offer tiered pricing. Please select the offering that is right for you below.

  • $45 - this higher level of investment makes it possible for a woman to come who may not otherwise be able to afford it


  • $30 - Regular price Code: Regular


  • $15 - 50% off offering for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, single mamas, and folks with financial need (no application to apply, please select this offering if it is right for you). Code: Community

Want to come but can’t do $15? I want you to join us. 

You may Venmo or PayPal a donation of any amount to: @Susan-Frankovich or Leave your email address as the comment, and I will send you the Zoom link.

Upcoming date & location:


March 4th, 2022

6:30-8:30 pm

This is a virtual event that takes place in the Zoom Temple.

Click below to register, and to check upcoming dates.


I’m looking forward to spending time with you!

See you in the Circle.
~ Susan


 "I began attending Susan’s Sisterhood Circle in January of 2019. I had recently been diagnosed with cancer and undergone major surgery and was feeling disheartened and powerless in many aspects of my life. Susan was immediately welcoming and supportive, as were the rest of the women in the Circle. Over the last 18 months, Susan gently guided me to identify and visualize the things that I really wanted, and to focus my energy to manifest those things. I have been rewarded for these efforts with renewed health and strength, and amazingly good fortune in my career and relationships. I feel so lucky to have met Susan and hope our friendship will continue for a long time."

Heather, Scientist/Professor 

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