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Susan Frankovich was born & raised in Reno, NV and spent 22 years away, learning, growing, & having adventures traveling the world as a bellydance teacher & performer. She landed back in Reno in 2016 & has continued her journey into the healing arts. She would tell you it was always about healing,

this is just the next chapter. 

Susan specializes in helping others find Embodied Balance in their lives. All of her services can be uniquely

tailored to the individual or adapted for group settings. She is acutely aware that there is no cookie cutter method that can address all people's needs, so she's got multiple tools on the ready & is skilled at knowing what to use & when. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients know themselves so well they no longer need her. 

She is a Yoga Therapist well on her way to IAYT certification, a Holy Fire® III & ICRT Animal Reiki Master, a

PSYCH-K® facilitator, hosts a monthly New Moon Women's Circle, & has been teaching movement since 2000. In class or in session, you might find yourself moving, breathing, chanting, meditating, tapping into your subconscious mind, strategizing habit change, receiving energy work, and more.

Contact Info:



Moon Rabbit Wellness Center

225 W Taylor Street

Reno. NV 89509

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