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"Susan is a blessing to humanity. I have been through clinical therapy and rounds of antidepressants. The tools Susan gave me to move through old wounds in our Yoga Therapy sessions have been more effective than anything I’ve tried. I will use them forever. She is a caring and talented facilitator, that you truly feel wants to help you. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I would say she saved my life. I couldn’t be more grateful."

~ Shannon Rowden ~

Reno, NV

"I absolutely love my  PSYCH-K®/Reiki sessions with Susan! Not only is she a deep listener, she is also incredibly wise, insightful, and very gifted! Every time I have a session with Susan, I leave feeling so much lighter and connected to my intuition. I bought a gift certificate for my mom, and I’m excited for her to experience Susan’s magic, as I do every time!"

~ Michelle Renee ~

Reno, NV

"Susan is a wonderful healer, she is so kind and open and intuitive. I thought I knew what I wanted to work on in our session, but once we were in the room together, she saw and heard where I was actually needing the change. And she was exactly right! She guided me through the PSYCH-K® and a delicious private Reiki session. I left feeling so light and free. Five months later, I can say that I’ve only grown and moved through some of those unseen barriers thanks to the work we did that day in her warm, sunlit space. All made better by the fact that we were graced with her dog Milo’s presence, a true reiki master!"

~ Marisa Hess ~

Sparks, NV

“Susan is an extraordinary PSYCH-K® & Holy Fire Reiki facilitator. Her natural empathic abilities are ever present and assist in her verbal and energetic communication. Susan helped me move through challenges that clinical professionals could never achieve. In a very short amount of time she has assisted me with subconsciously releasing my self doubts and has enriched my life in many ways. I've come to a place of believing in my abilities and love of myself. She truly and deeply cares about each individual she works with. I have experienced first hand feeling the energies move with in me, my experiences have been 100% authentic. In our modern lives we forget how to truly love and deeply connect with "Self", Susan has an innate ability to connect and guide her clients to the best possible outcome for each individual and their unique circumstances."

~ Eric Govan ~

Reno, NV

"I highly recommend Susan for PSYCH-K®, Reiki healing and Reiki training. I have benefited from our PSYCH-K and Reiki sessions, and I finally feel a sense of peace and calm, healing years of childhood trauma which caused a lifetime of anxiety. I just completed the Reiki training class receiving my level 1&2 Certification. Susan made learning Reiki fun while we learned and practiced."

~ Dana Guggenheim ~

Bryan, TX

"Susan gave me an out of this world experience that still resonates to this day. I was able to heal some old trauma and get through fears that kept me from my spiritual growth. I’m exceedingly grateful for her help."

~ Jason Rowden ~

Reno, NV

"Susan has the magic touch on healing and guidance. She has been a wonderful Master Reiki teacher and PSYCH-K® facilitator. I have grown as a person and learned so much on how to become a Certified Holy Fire Reiki practitioner. Susan is a beautiful soul inside and out and I am blessed to know her as a compassionate friend, gentle movement teacher for over 9 years. I appreciate all she has done for me & her community. When you are fortunate enough to work with her, your life will change for the better.​"

~ Meline Tovmassian ~

Burbank, CA

I've worked with Susan for years. She's kind, well practiced and a wonderful guide. I highly recommend working with her!

~ Kayleen Davis ~

Reno, NV

"Since working with Susan on balancing through PSYCH-K® I have experienced major shifts in my day-to-day physical, emotional and mental well being. I am the first to be skeptical about healing facilitated by others. However when Susan explained the process, I knew it would be something safe to try. I continued to work with warm and compassionate Susan and have felt reduction in anxiety, depression, gained neutral attitudes towards adverse childhood events, and even feel a better relationship with myself and my loved ones. Although I can’t quite describe how it works, I can confidently say that I put my trust in Susan’s ability to safely and comfortably facilitate this incredible work. It has changed my life." 

~ Hannah Bias ~

Reno, NV

"I knew very little about PSYCH-K® before my appointment with Susan, but when I arrived she put me at ease and explained clearly what we’d be doing in our session. It was a totally new experience for me, but I loved seeing how my body reacted to my many ingrained mindsets. Susan spent over an hour helping me to unblock issues around confidence and money. I was in the middle of a very emotional and stressful time, but after the session I felt very calm and grounded. A few weeks on I feel confident in my skills to move forward with my business. I don’t have the voice inside my head telling me I can’t achieve greatness. I can’t wait to see where this all takes me! Thank you Susan, you do beautiful work!"

~ Tina Haly ~

Windsor, England

"Susan is a true teacher in every sense of the word. Her desire and ability to educate flows across to her students with ease. Whether you are involved in yoga, PSYCH-K®, or a woman's circle, her vibrancy and luminous spirit are contagious! I feel safe and comfortable to be fully expressed in any modality she is teaching. She creates an environment that flows and regenerates the soul. I would recommend her in any of the modalities you choose to invest your time in."

~ Jamie O'Shea ~

Sparks, NV

"I have had three PSYCH-K® sessions with Susan as a guide to see if I could wrap up concerns that had been troubling me for some time (and I was curious about the whole process- and a bit skeptical, if I'm honest. The process was interesting and I was unprepared for my body knowing so much about me (sounds odd, perhaps- but you'll understand). Through out the process, Susan was supportive and caring- never pushing further than I wanted to go while encouraging me to dig deep into my concerns. After the sessions my concerns were different. I felt a distance from them that allowed me to start the final healing process with an objective compassion, yet firmness. I will enjoy exploring more sessions with Susan in the future. If you have concerns that don't seem to want to heal, I would encourage you to try PSYCH-K® with Susan and see if it can give you the emotional distance to complete the healing process." 

~ Jessica Hofmann ~

Sparks, NV 

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