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"Since working with Susan on balancing through PSYCH-K® I have experienced major shifts in my day-to-day physical, emotional and mental well being. I am the first to be skeptical about healing facilitated by others. However when Susan explained the process, I knew it would be something safe to try. I continued to work with warm and compassionate Susan and have felt reduction in anxiety, depression, gained neutral attitudes towards adverse childhood events, and even feel a better relationship with myself and my loved ones. Although I can’t quite describe how it works, I can confidently say that I put my trust in Susan’s ability to safely and comfortably facilitate this incredible work. It has changed my life." 

~Hannah Bias

Founding Director 

Urban Lotus Project


"Susan is a true teacher in every sense of the word. Her desire and ability to educate flows across to her students with ease. Whether you are involved in yoga, PSYCH-K®, or a woman's circle, her vibrancy and luminous spirit are contagious! I feel safe and comfortable to be fully expressed in any modality she is teaching. She creates an environment that flows and regenerates the soul. I would recommend her in any of the modalities you choose to invest your time in."

~Jamie O'Shea

Sparks, NV

"I have had three PSYCH-K® sessions with Susan as a guide to see if I could wrap up concerns that had been troubling me for some time (and I was curious about the whole process- and a bit skeptical, if I'm honest). The process was interesting and I was unprepared for my body knowing so much about me (sounds odd, perhaps- but you'll understand). Though out the process, Susan was supportive and caring- never pushing further than I wanted to go while encouraging me to dig deep into my concerns. After the sessions my concerns were different. I felt a distance from them that allowed me to start the final healing process, with an objective compassion yet firmness. I will enjoy exploring more sessions with Susan in the future. If you have concerns that don't seem to want to heal, I would encourage you to try PSYCH-K® with Susan and see if it can give you the emotional distance to complete the healing process." 

-Jessica Hofmann 

Sparks, NV 

"I knew very little about PSYCH-K® before my appointment with Susan, but when I arrived she put me at ease and explained clearly what we’d be doing in our session. It was a totally new experience for me, but I loved seeing how my body reacted to my many ingrained mindsets. Susan spent over an hour helping me to unblock issues around confidence and money. I was in the middle of a very emotional and stressful time, but after the session I felt very calm and grounded. A few weeks on I feel confident in my skills to move forward with my business. I don’t have the voice inside my head telling me I can’t achieve greatness. I can’t wait to see where this all takes me! Thank you Susan, you do beautiful work!"

~Tina Haly

Windsor, England

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